#Imagine Secrets of the Suicide Forest…


Your feet sunk in to the soft plush of your bear paw boots. “Put on a scarf too babe, don’t want you to get cold.” Liam smiled as he pulled you’re bags over his shoulder. You giggled at his caring heart and wrapped the warm wool around your neck. You buttoned the baby doll buttons of your coat up as he walked you out of the hotel room. “I can’t believe we came all the way to Japan just to do this, aren’t you scared?” Your voice descended with the elevator. “It’s going to be fine love, as long as I’m here nothing’s going to hurt you, promise.” His pinky hugged yours as he finished his sentence. The elevator hit the lobby of the hotel and you two went out to the parking lot. “There they are,” Liam’s nod guided your eyes to the back corner of the lot. His strong hand slipped down to your waist as he walked you through the white grid pavement and cars, to the big black van waiting in the parking space. Liam’s arms went up with the motion of the trunk door as he tossed your bags in the back with the rest of the lads. The side door of the van slid open with a grinning Niall behind it. “Damn (Y/N) you look a bit chilly, hop in we’re bout ready to leave!” You grabbed his hand and he pulled you into the back seat. “Thanks Niall,” you pushed the hair out of your face as you buckled your seat belt. Louis took the driver’s seat across from your boyfriend. You sat directly behind Louis and Harry in the back. Niall across from you, and Zayn across from Harry.  The fingers of Harry’s large hands patted the tips of your shoulder. “Yeah Haz?” You questioned as you turned to him. “You scared?” The smirk behind his eyes told you he knew you were. In admit you sighed, “Just a bit, doesn’t it seem creepy to you? A log cabin in Aokigahara Forest?” Harry’s eyes blinked in slight remembrance of the gravity in this place.  This forest is one very famous to the Japanese. They’ve nicknamed it the ‘Suicide Forest’, a place where innocent lives take themselves at the foot of Mount Fuji. “It definitely is creepy, but we didn’t get to do anything for Halloween! We  gotta do something to live it up a little (Y/N).” “Living it up a little? We could’ve just had a belated Halloween party! Staying in a forest known for Japanese suicides? No. It’s just, no.” Your mouth tripped inside your fear, losing the ability to form words. Harry’s attention blanked out in your worried eyes. “We’ll be fine (Y/N), you’ve got Liam and the rest of us to keep you safe. Don’t be afraid, it’ll be interesting!” You tried to let Harry’s words coax you as Louis started the car. “Everyone ready?” Louis shouted to the hind of the car. The air filled with their mannish cheers as you laid your head against the window, watching the pebbles on the tar pass one by one while the van drove to the emptied interstate.

            Your eyes burst open from the van hitting a bump in the road. Your gaze shifted over to the time, 10:46. You slept for an hour. During that hour, you missed the part where Louis started driving through the woods. “Uh where are we?” You yawned as you stretched your spine. You looked out the window and saw a brisk view of Mount Fuji at the tops of the trees. “We’re actually not in Aokigahara yet, this is just a short cut to get there,” Louis fluttered his eyes back and forth from the trail and you in the rear view mirror. “And babes don’t be afraid of this one. This is just the woods, nothing but Bambi and all his little friends live here.” Liam looked back at you with his cute puppy dog smile and twinkly eyes. The smile you returned assured him that you were comforted. “So (Y/N) how’d you sleep?” Harry sat forward from his seat. “Pretty good, I can’t believe I was out for over an hour though.” “I’m sure you did! No one snores that loud when they’re not sleeping well.” Zayn smirked up at you. Your cheeks flushed burning red when he said this. “What!? I was snoring?!” Your chest curled in with embarrassment. A small laugh broke out from each of the boys “Relax babes I was just messing with you,” Zayn smiled as he held back his giggle. You sighed “oh” in relief and a bit of annoyance. “Well now that she’s awake, can we finally turn the radio on? I don’t like driving through the woods in silence!” Niall whined to Louis. In agreement with Niall, Louis turned the radio on. A matter of seconds from the action, voices filled the small van in the woods. Hearing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ sent the boys ballistic. Screaming the haunting lyrics at the top of their lungs as the car rolled through the final trees of the woods, Aokigahara Forest soon approaching.

            The boys were laughing innocently together from the fun of the song, when Zayn’s chuckle silenced. “What is it Zayn?” Harry asked as he took his eyes where Zayn was looking. Seeing this you all looked out the window, puzzled by the black sign in Japanese script. Liam pulled out his phone and when straight to Google translate. He pressed the audio speaker and let the phone talk for him. “Life is a beautiful thing, please reconsider. Think of your family.” The automated voice warned through the phone’s small speakers. “Signs with consolation phrases?” Zayn’s brows rose with the tone of his voice. “This place is pretty serious then isn’t it?” He adjusted his position, sitting his head up, away from the window. The thick branched trees slouched over the curved dirt trail. The moonlight covered by the many fragile brown leaves attached to every limb. The van rolled haphazardly on the awkward dry mud clumps in the small dips and puddles. Louis narrowed his eyes with a slight stretch in his neck towards a bulky black stature behind a few trees.  “Boys I think we found her,” the car seemed more and more isolated from the world as it drove up in front of the abandoned cabin. Your eyes popped and heart stopped when the vacant hut came into view. You weren’t expecting luxury stay, but this was less than predictable. The door at the top of the half chewed wooden steps was cracked and stained with a centuries rot. “This doesn’t look very welcoming…” Harry shivered behind your seat. “I think it looks daring, shall we lads and ladies?” With that Lou swung open the door and stomped his feet to the ground.

The second your feet and the forest floor made contact you felt indulged into it.  The soft moss filled with weary liquor made a puddle around the souls of your boots. With the first chill of fear, Liam was there by your side. The pillow to hug when you needed him. His hands on your arms felt the shivers on your skin. “Relax babe it’s just a cabin, nothings here to scare you.” You tried to let his words sooth you and walked for the cabin. Your feet dodged the spots of algae and mold on each creaking step. The air was cold with and old bark’s smell as you moved through the damp door’s passing. Liam’s hand tightened around yours when the darkness of the cabin hit. “Not very homey..” Harry spoke through chilled, crisp words. “It could use a few touch ups, maybe get some Febreze up in here,” Louis chuckled behind his teeth. The small joke broke into the rest of you, lightening your fear a bit. Lou walked around the uneven boarded floor, examining the splintered and sag marked furniture. “I mean look at this place,” he picked up one of the couch’s throw pillows from under the ivy growing in through the window. “It’s so 50 years ago, might as well throw some roller diner booths in here.” His laughed followed through with his findings. Making a witty comment with each piece of furniture. “I wonder who lived here before.” Zayn thought aloud. “I don’t know but they picked a pretty awkward place to live. Who would want to live with a bunch of dead bodies?” Niall said as he walked farther in the home, pulling you all along with him. “Bodies!? You mean we could see a dead body. They don’t come in and clean them up or something?!” You started to panic, scared out of your skin by your surroundings. “(Y/N) you’re gonna be just fine. I want you to just try and relax, we wouldn’t bring you anywhere dangerous,” Liam spun you around towards him, tightening the arm around your waist to pull you in closer. His forehead pressed to yours as he smiled in your eyes. The tone of his voice dropped to a whisper “Later I just might take you down to the lake at the foot of the mountain, maybe then we can ease down some of this tension,” his soft thumb brushed over your rosy cheek. You giggled from his attention and smiled into his lips. The way he kissed you made you want tonight to happen. “Can’t wait babe.”

The love lock your eyes were holding was broken by the loud thud and ‘ouch’ from a Harry. The both of you turned to see him lying on the ground. “What happened?” You asked as you walked over to help him up. “I don’t know, this rope caught my foot.” Harry said as he flipped over to rest on his back and forearms, shaking his leg around to get the rope off. You went down to pull it up some. “Gosh this things heavy for a rope,” You tugged it off his foot and out from under the couch. “I wonder what’s on the end of-“ Your voice dropped when you saw strands of black hair. A few centimeters later, a nest of maggots showed buried in the skin of a fore head. Your trembling hands let the rope slide out of your fingers before you let out a piercing scream. The lads looked down to see the body of a man lying inches away from you. The walls of the cabin echoed the boys joined screams throughout the window and to the rest of the forest. You jumped up and backed away from the soulless physique. Tripping up the stairs as you moved. Twisting over to stand back up, you found yourself running up the stairs. “(Y/N) Wait!” Liam yelled as he followed you. Lou, Harry, Zayn, and Niall clustered together and followed up the stairs as well. You found yourself at the end of a hallway, panting your breaths through your hugged knees. You felt tears dripping of your stoned face as Liam came and to hold you. “Babe babe babe babe babe. Shhhh. It’s okay, you hear me love? It’s alright I’m right here I’m not going anywhere and I’m not letting you go ever babe I promise just breath. C’mon. You can do it just breath. Think of ponies and puppies and chocolate and happiness.” Your heart searched to find a slower beat as Liam’s words fed into it. “Doin’ better love?” He tried to wake your eyes out of their blank shaken state. The rest of the lads stopped their panic at the sight of the scene you’d just taken in. They came and encircled you, rubbing your arms and trying to sooth you. “I thank you boys for the help but I don’t think that’s doing very much, I think we should just get her out of here.” Liam pushed the stray hairs out of your face. “I think I agree,” Niall panted. “Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.” “You’ve got that right,” Zayn added to Lou’s confession. “What do you say we call it a night?” Harry spoke lifting his head from his palms. The five exchanged a few nods and started to help you up. They stopped when your head shot up with eyes wide open. “Did you hear that…” Your voice trailed low with a whisper. “No, what was it love?” Liam questioned with arms locked around you. “The front door, I swear to you it just opened.” You started to sit back down, but the boys pulled you back up. “(Y/N) I think you’re just hearing th-“ Lou’s voice cut off when the sound of a door slamming shook the fragile wooden walls of the house, gluing you six back down to the floor. A small wail brewed in the back of your mouth “Sh sh sh sh shhhh babe just hold it together.” Liam cupped your face in his hands. You nodded your head and pursed your lips, trying to hold back the cries. You all sat quiet, listening for more noise. The sound of squeaking footsteps traveled around the living room floor, they stopped and interrupted by a gasp. “The hell?”  A stranger’s voice carried, the footsteps continued. The sound of a large object dragging against the aged floor filled your ears. As if it was picked up to ponder at for a minute, the object dropped. A slight growl came from the hidden stranger’s anger. “I thought no one lived here? I thought this cabin had been here empty for years?” Harry’s words crawled through his throat and left leaving a tortured expression in his eyes. Yours continued to tear, and drip on the knees of your jeans as the footsteps grew louder. Liam’s filled with guilt and regret of putting you through this, “Alright that’s enough I don’t want her in here anymore, we all need to leave.” Looks were exchanged before Liam could even motion. “You’re right, but we’re not leaving yet,” Niall spoke to him, tagging Zayn Lou and Harry in his speech. Liam looked at them in muddle and burden. “What do you mean you can’t stay here?” “I know we can’t, we’re going to deal with this while you get (Y/N) somewhere safe capisce?” Niall tried to reason with Liam as the steps grew louder. “WHO THA HELL’S IN MAH HOUSE?!” The stranger yelled up the stairs. The amount of anxiety bouncing around in you was unreal. “Liam just please trust us with this we want her to be safe and you’ve gotta be the one to make sure she is okay?” Zayn spoke swiftly, trying to persuade him before it was too late. Liam looked into your fear-filled eyes and decided to do what was best for you. “Alright lads, thank you for doing this for her,” Liam nodded towards them. The boys all gave you a kiss on the cheek and their good-luck’s as Liam took you to the window in the hall. He slid it open and looked down to the forest floor. “Not very far at all, I’ll jump first then I’ll catch you, okay babes?” Within a second of your nod he was diving through the crisp chilled air. His feet splashed in the leaves with a slight bend in his posture. He turned back up to face you with open arms, giving a gentle smirk with a cocked head as he waited. You wiped a tear from your eye as you giggled at him. The footsteps up the stairs cut your mood, you looked at them blankly, then back at the boys. They blew you small kisses and mouthed ‘go’ to you as you let yourself fall through the window frame.

At loss of time to scream, you were cradled in Liam’s arms. He smiled at the relief in your eyes before he set you back up on your feet again. “So where do we go?” You tried to adjust all your clothing back comfortably. “Well we can’t take the car, the lads will need it, but we need to just go now we can’t stay here,” Liam grabbed your hand and ran you deeper through the forest, leaving the boys behind to save themselves.

You two found yourselves so deep in the forest, you couldn’t hear a single sound, not anything, anywhere. Liam had his hand firmly locked with yours, walking through the rustling leaves. You looked over at him, and he was looking up at the trees. “Whatcha lookin’ at?” You leaned your head closer to his to get a good view. “Its mount Fuji babes, look through those two branches right there,” He pointed out his arms and your eyes followed the trail until they landed on the mountain. “Wow,” you leaned back to your original walking stance. “It’s really big!” Liam chuckled at your obvious observation. That’s right babe, feel the air? It’s getting warmer. And the leaves,” Liam knelt down to the ground, picking up a few red and orange leaves in between his fingers. “They’re damp.” He smiled as he stood back up. You laughed at him with one eyebrow raised. “What’s going on?” You looked at him curiously, he returned an exciteful smile. “We found it,” He pulled you up on his back and took off running. You nearly fell off in the rush of the moment. “WOAH! Liam calm down babes!” You laughed as the once chilled, now warm air blew your hair back. “Liam where are we go- woooooee” your amazement trailed off as your eyes took in the beauty of the scenery. You giggled to yourself, nearly forgetting Liam wanted to bring you here tonight. “Liam, this is beautiful,” you smiled as he gently set you down. “I know it is, such a sad place to hide some place like this huh?” He twined his fingers with yours and walked with you to the shore of the water. “Care to take a dip?” He winked at you. You giggled at his loss of innocence while he slipped off his shoes. “Babe don’t you think it’ll be a bit cold?” You questioned as he slid his toes under the surface of the lake. “Of course not, it’s warm outside here, the water feels amazing. Now, care to join me?” He smirked at you as he started to tug up his shirt. “Woah woah wait a second, puppy dog Liam is going to take his clothes off? Out here? Amazing. Whatever happened to the responsible and appropriate ‘Daddy Direction’ hm?” You teased with him. He chuckled at your fangirl side. “I’m still the same me (Y/N), this is just the me when no one’s looking” He spread his arm span, referring to the eyeless, soulless forest. Proving his point.  “How about we let you pick what comes off first? Pick a number one through ten,” He smiled as he stood, body open. You took a minute to ponder, decoding the pattern before you chose. “3” You leaned on your tip toes, hands clasped behind your back. “Ah, you picked an odd number!” His voice muffled behind the cloth of his shirt being pulled over his head. He balled it up and tossed it on top of his shoes. When his eyes trailed back to you, he nearly chuckled at your face. Your eyes glued to the perfectly toned abs, with a slight bite at the side of your lip. He let out the laugh and woke you back up. Realizing what you were doing you got a tad defensive. “Stop laughing I couldn’t help it! I mean look at you babes!” “Oh you know you love it!” He put his hands behind his head and swerved his hips. You giggled at your boyfriend as he danced for you. “Alright babes now it’s your turn,” He sat on the stone behind him and crossed his legs, as if patiently waiting. You playfully rolled your eyes at him with a small sigh. “Fine. C’mon, gimme a number between one and ten.” He rubbed his fingers under his chin while he thought. “Let’s go with 9,” He grinned up at you. “You picked a number over 5,” you spoke as you wiggled your feet out of your boots. Liam’s eyes dropped inch by inch as the waist of your pants found your ankles. Your oversized sweater helped hide what you wanted unseen. You watched his eyes trail back up your legs until they hit the waist line of your sweater, nearly a quarter way down your thighs. “Oh c’mon babe, stop teasin’ me!” He smirked as he stood up. He walked over to you and put is fingertips on the inside of your top. “Ah ah ah,” you pushed his hands down. “It’s your turn now!” you smirked as you pushed him back. “Fine,” He smiled. “I want this to be fair, so I’m going to ask you a question. If you get it right, my pants come off. If you get it wrong your shirt comes off, okay?” He smiled as he crossed his arms. You did the same and put some sass in your stance. “You’re on.” He giggled at your ambition and began to ponder. “Alrighty then miss (Y/N). Hmm, oh I got it! If I didn’t audition for the X-Factor, what would I have been doing career wise?” You sent him a pity laugh, the question were a no brainer. “Easy. Building airplanes in a factory. Off with the pants babe,” You smiled as you gestured to him. “Are you kidding me!? Quite impressive babes,” His mouth hung open with a small gape as his fingers found the inside denim of his jeans. He slipped them off and set them next to his shoes and shirt. He watched you giggle for a second before commenting. “What? You like my batman panties?” He smiled at you. You laughed at your idiotic boyfriend as he modeled his superhero briefs. “So how in the ham boles did you know I’d be working in an air plane factory?” “Video diaries love, you know I used to be a fangirl!” He snickered at his toes at the remembrance of this. “Thank god you were, if not we never would’ve met,” He ran his hand over the short, bristled hairs on his head. You let yourself blush remembering how lucky you were.  “Do you remember that day like I do babes?” He cocked his smile to the side as he walked closer to you. “Had absolutely no idea I’d see such a perfect girl at the book store that day, that blessed autumn afternoon.” Your cheeks brought back the rosy color as he slipped his arms around you. “You had your hair up in the messiest bun. Not giving a care about other’s opinions as you sat bundled up in that plushy lounge chair, sipping on your Starbucks coffee. Reading Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Lucky One’ in your Uggs and baggy sweatshirt.” He brought his hand up to caress your supple face. “You had the cutest expression as you lost yourself in the writing, it was the most adorable face I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help but introduce myself. I’ll never forget how huge your eyes were when you looked up, and how much your hand was shaking when I pressed my lips to your knuckles.” He slid his hands down your back, them stopping tucked under your sweater. “I’d always wished I had the confidence to talk to people, the desire I had to make you mine overpowered the shyness that day. Meeting the cute little bookworm secluded in her own world was the best thing that ever happened to me, I love you (Y/N),” his hands started to rise with your sweater. “I couldn’t wish for a more perfect love to call mine.” You felt a breeze across your midsection. Liam’s smooth talking swayed you so well you didn’t notice the waist line of your top was mid up your torso. Growing uncomfortable you stepped back, not wanting to be so vulnerably exposed. You saw Liam’s eyes fill with hurt as you backed away. “(Y/N), why won’t you let me see you? I have before, you’ve always been flawlessly gorgeous love. There’s nothing you need to hide from me.” You could feel the bother in his words, it told you the difference between lies and truths. He wasn’t lying. “It’s just, I don’t know I mean, it’s difficult.” “It shouldn’t be babes-“ “But it is.” You let your words push Liam’s away. “Things people say, even just the smallest ones, they’re hard to forget. They glue themselves to your mind so looking in the mirror always has a way to beat you up inside. Trying to push the words away never works, because you walk around every day seeing girls who have everything and you’re just the potato no one notices. You can never be pleased with yourself, you’re never enough.” You found yourself with crossed arms hanging over your stomach, and face hidden, speaking to the rocks and sticks on the ground around your toes. You watched two feet come in close to yours, and looked up to Liam with tears nearly brewed in your eyes. His face was sympathetically serious. He brought his hands up near your head, slowly sliding his hands around your jawline, resting his thumbs on your warm cheeks. “Please, please (Y/N). Never say that about yourself. It kills me inside knowing someone as amazing as you thinks so down on herself. If you’d take the time to really admire the masterpiece you are, you’d see you’re really the definition of natural beauty. I can’t imagine there be a person in this world with such a personality as special as yours. With a mind as creative as yours. With a heart as golden as yours, or a body as stunning as yours. I really wish you’d appreciate yourself more, it’s just awful witnessing the crime you’re committing on yourself.” His eyes brightened at the gushed smile painted on your lips.  “Please let your delicacy shine, at least just tonight.” You’re eyes lightly batted as you looked up, your noses touching as you spoke. “I love you Liam, I really do.” “That’s a good thing or I’d look like a total idiot out here saying this to you.” You laughed at his adorable smile, feeling his strong hands slide down farther. “I love you more babes,” He brought his lips down to your ear, his warm breath sending shivers down your spine. “Please let me show you.” With the nod of your head he let your sweater travel up your body. The warm wool brushed your face as it pulled over the top of your head. Liam sat the cloth behind him and found his arms wrapped back around you, allowing his eyes to travel down. “Mmm see love? Absolutely breath taking is what you are, the most remarkable sight a man could ever see.” His charm and love made you feel better about yourself, like you really meant something to him. His forehead pressed to yours and your eyes closed, enjoying the fond feeling of being with each other. You both swayed in the silence, soon ended by the hum behind Liam’s smirk. You peaked an eye open to see his adorable face, curious at what he was doing. His mouth opened little, words flowing with the feel of the sway. “I know you’ve never loved, the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you’ve never loved, your stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back, at the bottom of your spine, but I’ll love them endlessly.” You watched his eyes lay open as he smiled into yours. He was cheating, he knew all you could do was melt whenever he sung to you. He watched the weakness in your blush as his lips giggled. His hands slid to the midst of your thighs and he lifted them higher, pulling your legs around his torso as he spun you around. “I won’t let these little things slip, out of my mouth. But if I do, it’s you, oh it’s you they add up to.” He walked you into the water, letting the wave of the liquid carry your weightless bodies as your fingers held each other. He let his lips barely touch yours as he carried on. “I’m in love with you, and all these little things.” The way his butter soft lips brushed off yours made you eager, not knowing how long you could bear this endless taunt. They barely touch, it sent such a warming sensation through you, making you feel two times livelier, more connected. Liam was almost laying in the lake, his hands locked on your waist to hold you close. Your hands found their way to resting your palms against his chest. The dripped ends of your hair hung to the side of his face. His lips came straight on to yours, as if he’d been waiting forever. He held your lips with his until slight nature pulled them apart, and wasted no time melting them back together. You could feel he wanted to be more aggressive, before the second kiss had even ended, he stood you up, keeping your legs wrapped around him and spine arched from pressing you into him. He held you like something could take you away from him, like he needed to protect you. As your lips slowly drew apart, he whispered through the air. “I can’t believe how much I love you (Y/N). Promise me you’ll be mine forever,” his fingers smoothed up your back, twisting your hair around in his fingers when he found it. You pressed your finger under his chin, tilting his head up and opening his eyes. “Promise Liam, I promise. I couldn’t let go of something like this, life wouldn’t be worth it.” His smile lit up your eyes, and brought dimples on your cheeks. “I don’t think we’ll ever end up living that life babes,” He locked his eyes with yours, nearly batting his lashes with yours when he blinked. You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, tracing your fingers around his short little hairs. Your eyes fell from his to the water, small currents wove between your bodies as he waltzed you around the lake. Looking through the cleared surface, you could see your torsos, no space between them. Every inch down was pressed together, like your bodies were made for each other. You could really feel it, it made you feel safe. Like nothing bad could touch you, nothing bad could even think to find you. Liam’s the one, he’s the true love you’ll always have, and can’t ever imagine to replace. “(Y/N) You looked up to him, his eyes were closed and lips were curved upward. “Yes Li?” Your eyebrows curved from the raspy tone in his voice. “I want to be your last,” he stopped walking you around the pond. Unsure of his words you questioned him. “My last what love?” You felt a skip in your heart when his beautiful brown eyes nipped open to look at yours. “I want to be your last first kiss, and I want to be the first to take you all the way like this,” his fingers found their way to un-hug the hooks on your bra straps. The releasing feeling brought a smile in your mood and your hands slid from behind Liam’s neck, then to holding his face. You pulled him into you and let your lips dance as your love filled each other, neck deep in the lake.

Your eyes shot open when your brain clicked. “The boys,” You let out in a loud whisper. Liam’s eyes reacted as yours did. “Oh my god, I completely forgot!” He spun your legs around his body, and carried you out of the lake. He set you down on the plush grass and handed you your clothes. “Do you think they’re okay? I know they made it out of the house, they’re smart enough to have escaped. But where do you think they are?” You shoved your damp body in your skinny jeans and lush boots. Liam slipped his shirt and hoody over his chest. “I guess we’ll just have to look around, I know they wouldn’t go too far, I wonder if they were able to take the car.” Liam watched you tie your scarf around your neck before he ambushed you. You let out a small squeal as his arms locked around your waist and lifted you in the air. He spun you in circles, then rested you down on his chest. “I love you babes,” He sent a cocked smile with his speech. You laughed at the perfection he gleamed “I love you too Li, for infinity” “And beyond!” His glee danced like a small child. There wasn’t a single flaw you could find in him. He set you down and merrily swung your hands back and forth as he walked you back in the woods. You watched the red and orange blossoms turn back to fragile brown petals. The trees went from full and colorful to drained and empty. You turned your head over your shoulder to see the life in this forest fall out. Your hair fell back on your scarf as you spun your head back to Liam. “I forgot where we were for a while babe, hard to believe how fast the setting changed. I saw a dead body tonight, do you remember that? I forgot all about it. Funny how you can forget something like that right?” He could hear your words struggling to leave your mouth. Your rambling followed through with your hands quaking. “It’s alright babes, just try to stay here okay? Remember your priorities, look for curls quiffs and blonde hair okay?” He wrapped one arm around your opposite side, sure to hold you close to him. “Okay I can do that. Curls quiffs blonde hair.” You mumbled to yourself. “Curls,” You looked around your right, no curls. “Quiffs,” You analyzed the landscape in the path before you, neither quiff. “Blonde hair,” you looked across Liam’s chest, a bright mane caught your eye. “Liam babe up there!” You hopped on your toes as you pointed to the top of a tree farther off. He squinted his eyes in that direction and made out Niall’s head, joined by Harry’s and Zayn’s. “That’s them!” He grabbed your hand tighter and ran you to them. You kept your eyes locked on Niall while you two shouted for them. A smile nearly bloomed on your face when Niall looked over to you, but dropped when you saw him yelling ‘go back’. “Go back? Why?” Your mind thought as Liam stopped you. You looked up and saw Lou climbing for the branch Niall Harry and Zayn were sitting on. Your eye brows stayed curved as you tried to make sense of the situation. Zayn pointed down with a nod of his head. The words followed through his mouth were blocked out by the roar of spinning metal chains.  Before you could even look over, Liam pushed you behind his back. You looked over Liam’s shoulder to see a man wielding his chainsaw in the air above his head.  “Y’all two kids jumped out my window!” His yell exposed the yellow dye in his teeth. You could feel his deep green eyes burning hate through your skin. His beer belly hid the pockets of his stain torn jeans. The thick black hair on his head showed youth, but the prickled hairs poked through this skin on his face told you mid-forties. “Get up that tree (Y/N)!” Liam yelled back to you. “What?! No I’m not leaving you down here!” you argued as the man came swinging towards you. “I’m goin’ get you all anyways! Go ahead you can try to run but this here is my land, and I don’ like yall stickin’ ya trespassin’ noses in mah stuff!” The aggression grew in the man’s brows, he wasn’t afraid to hurt you. Liam turned to you and grabbed your waist, lifting you up as he took you to the tree the boys were sitting up in. He lifted you above his head and yelled to Harry. “Harry! Grab her and pull her up please!” Without a second to debate, Harry grabbed your arms and pulled you out of Liam’s hands. You looked down at him, ready to protest but saw the man was nearing him. “Liam babe! Look out!” You nearly cried as the man pulled back the chainsaw. Harry continued pulling you up as the man swung. “Liam watch-AGH!” Your tears didn’t hold back. When the chainsaw came around, Liam ducked and missed it, but it caught your thigh. Deep. The spinning metal thorns dug a few inches into your flesh, a gash half a foot long. You screamed out in pain and agony as Zayn and Niall reached over to help pull you up. Liam watched the blood drip down and plop on his jacket. He wanted to help you, his anger raised his veins through his skin. He kicked the motor half of the chainsaw and it flew out of the man’s hands. He turned back to get it, but Liam had him by his neck. The man tried squirming out of the hold, but Liam’s anger towards him turned his body rock solid. He pulled the man closer to him, watching his skin turn a brisk red. “Listen to me closely.” Liam started, his eyes burning threat into the man. “I could hurt you, I should hurt you. Right here, right now. Your life could be dreadful in just a matter of seconds. And I wouldn’t feel a thing at all.” The man’s brows curved in as his skin became a deep violet. “Lucky for you, I’m not going to let my girlfriend see that. But unfortunately, you’ve hurt her.” Liam forcefully grabbed the man’s chin, shoving his view up in your direction. His eyes blinked from the blood hitting his face, falling from your agonizing body. Harry took off your scarf and wrapped it around the wound, preventing more blood from leaving your injury. “C’mon (Y/N) just breathe it out, it’s okay we’re going to take you to get help soon we promise.” Harry tried to sooth you. He lifted you up on to his lap, Louis rubbed his hand gently near the wound, trying to calm the pain.  Liam jerked the man’s head back around. “Why on earth would you do something like this to such an innocent girl? Do you think she deserves this? Do you think someone so wonderful and beautiful deserves to be in such excruciating pain?” A tear of guilt and fear fell from the man’s eye. “I’m sorry! I didn’t try to hurt her, it was an accident!” His frantic words scrambled. “Oh you’re sorry? I’m sorry too. I’m not trying to hurt you, this is just an accident.” Liam’s eyes grew dark as his hand tightened. A man’s face couldn’t possibly be a deeper shade of dying. Liam could feel the man’s last breaths were nearing, so he released him. His body hit the ground, so deprived of oxygen it couldn’t support itself. Liam bent down closer to him, leaving no space for his words to miss the man’s hearing. “Don’t let me have to do this again. I don’t want to have any troubles while I try to help my girlfriend. If there are any, I’ll make sure this is more than an accident.” Liam lifted away from the man, leaving him to struggle on the forest floor while he attended to you. He looked up to the tree branches, heart broken when he saw the silent tears rolling down your face. “Lou come down here and help me catch her,” Liam motion Louis to the ground. He grabbed the bark of the trees trunk and inched his way down. Once next to you he shouted up to Harry. “Gently hand her to us, please be careful Haz,” Liam’s voice filled with desperateness. Harry looked at you with caution, waiting for your ready. You shook your head and let him pass you down to the boys. You winced when your body hit their arms, the pressure on your thigh was unbearable. Zayn Harry and Niall climbed down the tree as Liam set you on the ground, kneeling next to you. “You hangin’ in there babes?” His voice left emotionless, trying to hide the guilt to keep you calm. You rubbed your thumb over the blood soaked scarf, “Yeah, I guess, I don’t want to be here anymore, can we please just go back now.” You looked up in his eyes. They were trying to blink away the tears, he felt so bad for what he’d done. He brought you here, it was all his fault. “Yes love I promise we can leave right now. I can’t stand what I’ve done to you I’m so sorry (Y/N).” “Please Liam it’s not your fault, everything happens for a reason right?” You tried to lift his sorrow. “This couldn’t have happened for a reason,” He protested. “How could there be a reason to hurt you?” His lips quivered as his words fell out of his mouth. “Hey, It was either your head or my leg, I think we both know it’s better that this happened. No matter how much you want to deny it babes.” He looked down to your thigh as his hand rubbed over his head. “I still wish this didn’t happen to you, I feel awful about it,” He looked back up to you. “It’s okay Liam, a simple, quick trip to the hospital will fix everything. A few stitches and then we can go home, okay?” He smiled at how well you were handling this. “Okay love, we’ll leave right now.” You pressed your lips to his cheek as he lifted you off the leaves. He nodded his head to the lads to signal them to follow. Your eyes locked with the man’s as Liam walked you by him. His mouth mimed ‘I’m sorry’, but you just looked away. You snuggled your head into his chest as he and the lads carried you back to the car. About ten minutes later, you guys found the house and the van. Louis pulled the keys from his pocket and started it up, letting the heat warm the vehicle for a minute. Once a good temperature, you all loaded in. Zayn took Liam’s seat, and Harry took yours, so Liam could hold you in the back seat during the ride. You laid your head on his shoulder, letting his arms keep you close to him as Louis drove the car back through the forest. “Want to try to get some shut eye babe?” He asked you as you turned your head over. “No, I’ll wait ‘til we leave the hospital, can we just listen to music or something?” Liam reached in the pocket of the seat in front of him, pulling out his head phones and plugging them in his iPhone. He unlocked the screen, revealing the time. “Wow, it’s almost five in the morning.” “Should be there around 6 then, go to the hospital and hop on our plane.” Louis spoke to the back of the car. Liam handed one head to you and pressed the other in his ear, letting your favorite playlist shuffle as you waited out the car ride.

You watched the clock tick ‘til it hit six. About 48 seconds following, the van pulled into the ’Itami no hira’ hospital. The lads got out and carried you in. There were complications at the front desk, hence none of you spoke Japanese. Liam lifted you a little higher so the thin Asian lady behind the check-in could see your wounded leg. When her eyes landed on the scarlet drenched scarf dripping on the floor, she immediately called the emergency room workers. A few seconds past before two hefty looking men came and laid you on a gurney. The boys tried to follow, but the brunette man with the mustache held his hand out, stopping them in their tracks. “No!” He pointed to the sign above the door. “Kono pointo o koete yuiitsu kanja to ishi!” A crossed human figure symbol displayed the words meaning. Liam’s eyes filled with disappointment, he bent down to kiss your forehead before they pushed you through the doors. Niall and Louis took Liam’s arms, walking him to sit in the deserted waiting area. He slouched in the slick teal chair, keeping his eyes locked on the doors until he’d see you come back through them. The room you were wheeled to had tile walls that matched the tint of the waiting area’s furniture. The tiles on the ground were a chalk white, a big black letherish looking examining chair bolted to them. Just waiting for your body to lie. The men set your body on the chair, leaving you for a few minutes before a tall and long doctor came into see you. He seemed as if he were asking questions, but you couldn’t understand, so you just shrugged your shoulders. He noticed you were American, and decided to just run tests. He unwrapped the scarf from your leg, the release of pressure brought the pain back. You winced and balled up your fists as he pulled the scarf off and set it aside. You lifted your head a little to see the unsightly gash in your thigh, blood began to flush through the tear again. You watched the doctor pick up a needle, when he squeezed the end, nothing came out. He looked around the cabinets for another one, he couldn’t find it. He left the room and came back with two nurses. They tried to help him find one, but still nothing. Your eyes followed the doctor as he came closer to your wound, he grabbed his surgical stapler and almost pressed it to your leg. “WAIT!” You yelled out, pulling your leg back and startling the surgical staff in the room. “You’re not going to give me an anesthesia?!” The doctor looked at you dumbfounded. You grabbed the bottom of your leg to try and gesture. “Numb! You’re not going to make it numb!?” “Mahi?!” He yelled back at your tone. “No mahi!” He picked up the needle and showed you the anesthesia was empty. “So I’m going to feel you putting staples in my leg?!” You started to freak out while the nurses tried to compensate with you. Your panic tuned them out, you laid back in the chair and accepted this was going to hurt. You needed this stitched together, you can deal with the pain. You put your hands up to silence the rambling nurses. “Whatever, just do it.” You pointed to your leg and wove your hands in circles, telling them to proceed as you wrapped your arms over your eyes. The doctor shrugged at the nurses and pressed his hand to your thigh. You felt the stapler nearing your wound, and a tear fell through your closed eyes. You threw your arms down to grab the chair, trying to control yourself as a piercing scream flew through your lips. The thick metal stabbed your delicate flesh in aggression. Knowing you were in pain, the doctor tried to make it quick, sending the next staple in just seconds after the other. Your scream turned into a wail, agonized from the torture. Your sounds of terror shot through the uninhabited hospital and into Liam’s ears. “(Y/N)!?” He yelled back as he stood up from his chair. The other boy’s heads looked up in reaction to the scream. Liam’s feet dashed on the hard tile floor as he ran for the doors. “Wait Liam!” Niall yelled as he went to go grab him. His arms caught Liam’s just before he went through the doors. “You can’t go back there!” Niall tried to remind him. “She’s in pain I want to be there for her!” Liam yanked his arm from Niall’s and ran through the doors. “Sekyuritī!” The front desk lady yelled into the microphone. Short after three men ran out to follow Liam’s trail. You felt the cold splash of your tears on your neck as they dripped off your cheeks. The doctor wrapped a tight cloth around the newly surgical area and helped you stand up. You felt yourself nearly fall as you tried to put pressure on it, four hands catching you before you hit the ground. Two of the hands let go as the other’s pulled you up. Your body returned to a cradled position when Liam’s arms held you. “(Y/N) I heard you scream are you okay?!” Liam’s words cut short from loss of breath. You tried to work words through choked throat. “Yeah, i-it’s just they h-had to  put th-the staples in with-thout the anest-nesthesia.” Liam looked at your pained faced and then to the doctors. “I’m sorry love, I think it’s time we go home.” Without a word more, Liam carried you out. He walked you back into the waiting area and told the lads you were leaving. “Sorry, we’re kind of broke. Didn’t really bring any money,” Zayn tried to tell the lady at the front desk. She gave him a weird look and he just walked away. You and the boys got back in the van once more. “Our jet’s at the airport, which is only 5 minutes from here, so we can all just relax soon.” Louis told you all as he left the hospital parking lot. “You can sleep then (Y/N), maybe the boys will let us have the private room in the back,” Liam whispered to you as he tucked the hair out of your face. “I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” Harry whispered back to you two, smirking at Liam’s loud whispering. You offered a small chuckle to Harry as he winked and turned back around. Moments later the van was being driven in the back of the jet. Liam helped you out and carried you out of the cargo room, then into the back bedroom. “This is too nice for a room on a jet,” you smiled up at him. The bed had soft cream pillows and sheets. The walls were a shiny oak wood, and a Jacuzzi sat highlighted in the corner. “Can we go in it?” You smirked up to him. He laughed at your bright eyes “Of course love.” He sat you on the bed and let you undress yourself as he did the same. Once done so, he picked you back up and carried you to the pool of warm, jetted water. The feeling of it on your sealed wound calmed the pain as you both sunk in. Liam sat on the opposite side of you, playing footsie under water. “Ohhhh my goooodddddd” You drowned out your words in pleasure as you lay your head back. Liam smiled at your returned happiness. “Feelin’ a bit better now babes?”  He seductively spoke as he leaned over to you, letting his hands climb up your body as his lips fell into yours. “A lot,” You managed to speak between the kiss. You felt him playfully smile into your lips. You locked your hands behind his neck as he pulled you on top of him, making sure to be careful with your staples. After several minutes of this, he broke the kiss. “I’m sorry.” He spoke through his breath. You leaned back from him to see his eyes. “Liam don’t be sorry, it’s okay I know you didn’t mean for any of that to happen.” “I really didn’t I swear it. I just thought we’d all have a fun night staying in that cabin but it turned into so much worse.” His puppy dog frown played on his lips. “Hey it wasn’t that bad,” you smiled to him. He raised his eyebrows at you in confusion. “Sure a lot of bad things happened, but I think it was worth it. We wouldn’t have had our private time in the lake if we didn’t come.” Saying this painted a smile back on his lips. “You’re absolutely amazing love,” He smirked as he leaned against the side of the hot tub. “I love you Liam,” You smiled as he hugged you into his chest. “To infinity,” “And beyond,” he finished your statement. Holding  you close to him as he vowed to protect you forever. 

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