#Imagine Harry Cheating on You…

Harry: "Well why isn’t it on my desk yet?" Your boss argued with you. He gave you a large stack of paper work to complete and wanted it done by the end of your shift today. "Mr. Clemmit I still have 2 hours." You tried not to loose your temper. "Well maybe I changed my mind. I want it now!" He growled in your face. "Sir that’s not fair you told me I have all day so I intend to ha-" "I’m so sick of your bullshit (Y/N)" Your boss cut you off, feeding you attitude. "Fine. If you want to do it that way. You can. But I’m sending you home with 40 more files and they will be on my desk Monday morning understood?" Now he was just being unreasonable. "Mr. Clemmit I can’t finish forty files in two-" "I said it WILL. Be on my desk Monday morning. Are we clear Ms. (Y/L/N)" He said with a raised brow and threatening tone. As much as you wanted to roll your eyes you just couldn’t. "Yes Mr. Clemmit" "Good" He said walking away, leaving you to finish your work. The next two hours were the longest two hours of your life, but you were happy when 6 o’ clock came around. You waved good bye to all of your fellow employees, and hoped in your car. It’s been a long day, and going home to Harry was what would make you happiest right now. Lucky for you there was absolutely no traffic, so you pulled in your drive way about 20 minutes earlier. Walking through the door you kicked your shoes off and hung your jacket up. It felt so good to be comfortable. Walking around the house, you called out your boyfriends name. "Harry??" You repeated, what scared you was the echo of your voice. Except the echo was a different girl, one who sounded sexually pleased. This got you curious so you walked up stairs to your bedroom. When you opened the door you felt the breath get knocked out of you. "Ugh (Y/N), why are you home?" Harry said throwing his head back. "Is she the girlfrend? I’m not impressed." The woman on top of Harry hissed at you. She was much prettier than you, which killed you more. "Harry?" You choked out through the tears. "H-how long has th, this been going on?" You said almost whispering, your voice couldn’t find the strength to escape you. "About 4 months" The girl smiled at you. "Can’t you tell he likes me more? Why don’t you just leave." "Yeah (Y/N) why don’t you do that?" Harry said agreeably. Your heart literally crumbled when he said that, just the way he did was so cold. You gave him one last look, hoping he wasn’t serious. He was. He nodded his head at the door, motioning to leave. You stood for just a few more seconds before you pulled your old bedroom door closed. You wanted to collapse and just die, right there and then. But you weren’t welcome in your house anymore. You ran down the stairs, grabbed your things and rushed out of the house. Slamming the door of your car you started sobbing immediately. Gallons of tears poured in your hands. Harry’s heartless behavior made it feel like every bone in your body snapped. Your brain went into a hangover migraine. You could feel yourself trembling, shaking vigorously. You didn’t have Harry anymore. He did everything with you, he was your everything. Apparently you weren’t as special to him as he was to you, which was a terrifying reality. You pulled out your phone and called your best friend Niall. After a few short rings he picked up "Hey (Y/N) How’s it go-" He stopped hearing your loud sniffling in the background. "What’s wrong?" He said a bit shaky. "H-harry ch-ch-cheated on m-me and k-kicked me out of th-the house" Words barely breaking through your cries. "(Y/N) babe listen to me, I need you too pull yourself together for me for just a second, okay?" He said reassuringly. You weren’t sure if you wanted to listen. Niall warned you about Harry but you didn’t listen. The ‘I told you so’ chant was the last thing you wanted to hear right now. "You listening?" "Yeah…" "You’re a VERY beautiful girl. One of the most kind, sweet, cute, funny, and smart I’ve seen out there. If Harry’s enough of an ass to let you go, then it’s clear you deserve better. No wise man get’s a girl like you and moves on. How about you come sleep at my house until you get back on your feet, I have a guest room and it’ll be nice to have someone around for a while. Sound good?" You smiled a little at Niall’s kindness. "Thanks Nialler, that sounds great." "Good," he replied warmly. "You can come now if you like, then we’ll go get something for dinner. See you in a few?" "Yeah, gimme ten minutes. Bye Niall" You said hanging up the phone and starting your car. When you got to Niall’s he let you set the things you had with you in the guest bed room. You both agreed to pick up from Nando’s, so he gave you a pair of his sweat pants and a hoodie to wear so you’d be more comfortable. You were laying on the couch when Niall walked through the front door with two large bags of take out food. He set them on the little table in front of you and got two drinks from the kitchen. You were nibbling on your Perri Perri chicken when Niall noticed your sad expression. "You wanna talk about it?" He said adjusting to a more comfortable position. You took a deep breath and nodded your head at him. You started telling Niall about how Harry always made you feel like you were his world. Like the both of you could just be you as long as you were together, and he just through it all away. "Do you want to tell me how it happened or..?" Niall said looking into your eyes, making sure you were okay. "Well Nialler, I walked in from work. And found him in bed with another girl. A much prettier girl who seems to make him happier than I ever could." Niall’s face went in to slight hysteria. "(Y/N) please don’t say things like that. You need to now you’re a very gorgeous girl. What that girl did makes her ugly, don’t compare yourself to people like that." Niall had to be the sweetest guy ever. He wrapped you in his arms and you fell into his chest, enjoying the comfort. "How about we go to bed, make it an early night tonight?" He whispered in your ear. You let out a small sigh, not wanting him to let go. It felt good to have some one who cared. "Ni, can I sleep with you tonight? Not like that, but being alone doesn’t seem like the best thing right now." He laughed at how cute you were. "Sure (Y/N), it really sucks seeing you sad you know? I’ll do whatever it takes to see you happy again." You smiled at your bestfriend and helped him clean up dinner. You felt so safe the entire night as Niall protectively kept his arms around you. You’ve been at Niall’s house for almost two weeks now. He didn’t mind one bit, in fact, you were both really enjoying each others company. It was about 9 o’ clock and the two of you were in the mood for ice cream. As you were walking out the door, Niall stopped. You tried to look over his shoulder when he bent down to pick something up off the ground. When he arose he was looking at a little stuffed bear. You flipped over the little tag on it’s ear. "Harry" you read the purple ink calligraphy softly. You were starring at the bear then looked up at Niall, who was starring at you, waiting for some sort of reaction. You looked back at the bear then set it on the table next to the door inside. Niall looked at you in doubt but you just smiled and pulled him to the car. You weren’t being slightly but your mind was away from the conversation. You couldn’t keep from wondering about that bear. Why did Harry leave it there? What did it mean? When you and Niall got home he said he was going to his room to do a twitcam for the fans, so you went ahead to bed, taking the bear with you. You were fiddling with the little tag on its ear while you laid in bed. You were tracing the calligraphy with your finger when you felt a ruff edge. It was a piece of tape that stretched from the front to the back of the little tag. You peeled it off and the tag flipped open. "A teddy bear for how cute and lovable you are," it read inside. This made you smile, but you felt the pain of his memory burning in your mind. This still left you clueless. Why was he doing this? You drifted to sleep thinking about him, snuggling the little bear to your chest. When you woke up you got dressed for your daily morning jog. Opening the door, your heart stopped for a second. There lied another gift. You picked up the heart shaped box and opened it to an aroma of chocolate, and a little card laying on the top. "A box of chocolates for how sweet and delectable you are," a smile instantly spread from ear to ear reading this. You could almost hear him saying this to you, warming your whole body from that slow, golden voice of his flowing through you. Setting the chocolates down inside you stopped to think about Harry, how much you loved him, how much he hurt you, and now this? It was all confusing. As days passed by you continued getting these little presents, all with a little card saying something nice about you. When you walked in with maybe your sixth present, Niall gave you a worried look. "What Niall?" "These presents" he said flatly. "Yeah, they’re nice aren’t they?" You said letting a smile creep on your face. "(Y/N) be careful about these. It’s not that I don’t want you to be happy, I just don’t want to see you hurt again." You looked up at Niall, knowing he had a more than good point. "Trust me Niall, I’m gonna watch out for myself." He looked at you and smiled, knowing you were strong he trusted you. It was almost 10 at night now and you two were just chillin on the couch watching TV. When Niall had a sudden hunger outburst. "(Y/N) I’m hungry as fuck!" he said a bit dramatic. "Then go get some food from the kitchen" you laughed at him. "I caaaaan’t we don’t have any fooooood" he said moaning. "I’m going to McDonalds" he said standing up. "But Niall its 10 p.m!" "They’re open 24 hours it’s all good, you want anything?" You shook your head no, dissmissing Niall out the front door. "Be back in 20" he said before leaving. It’d been about five minutes when you heard a knock on the door. Slightly confused you got up to answer it. Swinging the door open, you almost gasped. There was Harry, wearing a tuxedo and holding out roses for you. You took the flowers, set them down inside, then looked back at him. He had a hidden smile and was holding his finger out, which had a little tag on it. You just looked at him for a moment before sliding the tag off his finger. You read it aloud, but in a whisper "And finally a Harry, to man up and tell you how much he really loves you to your face" You blushed at the card, and looked back up at him. He’d stepped in closer. He grabbed your hand and looked deep in your eyes. "(Y/N), beautiful beautiful (Y/N). I am so so sorry. I wasn’t smart enough to realize how good I had it being yours. I was stupid enough to go behind your back and lie to your gorgeous face. I did one of the worst things in the world any man could ever do, and that’s hurting a girl as sweet as you. I miss you. I miss you so much it almost kills me rolling over every night and not seeing you next to me. My life with out you is burning hell, and I truely am sorry for any pain I put you through. I love you (Y/N), I wan’t to be able to call you mine again." He said softly caressing your cheek with the back side of his hand. "Will you be mine again?" His eyes now glossy. A small tear spilt from your eye, and Harry gently wiped it away. You grabbed his other hand and smiled at the ground before looking up in to his pleading eyes. "Yes Harry, how could I say no? I love you too much." You said crying tears of joy. His face broke into a smile and he pulled you into a kiss. Locking his lips with yours, you felt that warm sensation flow through your body. The touch of his lips was something you missed so so much. When you pulled away he smiled at you. "You have no idea how amazing this is, I spent literally hours in front of the mirror practicing an apology" You laughed at how incredible he was. You had him back, you had your Harry back. The one that made you feel special. He slid his hands down to your waist, shaping your curves. He pressed his forehead to yours. "Now that you’re mine again, will you come home again? I’m so lonely with out you" he said blushing a little. "Of course babe, I love you" You wrapped your arms around his neck. "I love you more babes" He said slipping his lips into yours.

Anddddddddd that’s the end of the cheat imagines :D Hope you all liked it! <3 hope it wasn’t too long either… :) anyways love you!xx 10th imagine :D tell me what you thought about it! xx

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