#Imagine Niall Cheating on You…

Niall: You were sitting in class anxiously waiting for the lunch bell to ring. You’ve never seen a clock tick so slow in your life. Today Niall was picking you up from school to take you out for lunch. He just got back from tour and you’ve been waiting forever to see him again. Practically day dreaming you grew completely oblivious to the entire class room and the bell shocked you awake. You ran to your locker as quick as you could to get your stuff together. Pushing through people to get to the door like the building was on fire. When you made it outside you smiled into the sun. You started wandering the parking lot, looking for Niall’s car. Your heart started beating rapidly when you spotted it. You were about to start running when you saw Niall rise up out of the back seat.. shirtless. You were confused, but before you had time to think of an explanation your friend Samantha rose up next to him. Also shirtless. The two were breathing heavily, hair messed up and mouth’s begging for more. Your heart completely dropped when he leaned in to kiss her. You threw all your stuff to the ground and stomped over to the car. How could he do this? You’ve been waiting for MONTHS to see him again and this is how you start off? You felt your mascara running down your cheeks. You banged your fist angrily on the window, so hard you could feel the pain in your bones. Niall turned around, looking a bit annoyed at the fact he was interrupted. Then his jaw dropped. “Princess,” You saw him mouth through the window. You backed up as both doors came swinging open. Niall got out a bit cautioned but Samantha was scrambling to get as far away as possible. You ran around the front of the car and caught her before she could get away. “WHAT THE FUCK SAMANTHA!?” You yelled at her, grabbing her by her hair. She let out a scream of pain, still shirtless. “Let go of me (Y/N)!” She cried out in mercy. You let go of her hair and stared at her in disgust. Letting her go was too easy. You slipped the ring off your finger and punched her in the jaw. “Samantha!” Niall yelled out rushing to her aid. Your heart died just that much more seeing Niall care about her. You stepped back to leave her in pain on the ground, crying as you watched YOUR boyfriend try to help the slut he just cheated on you with. He pulled his eyes off of her and looked at you like he was disapointed. “Oh don’t fucking give me that look Niall.” You said turning your back to him. He stood up and spun you around “(Y/N) You could’ve broken her jaw!” “OH SO HER JAW MATTERS TO YOU BUT MY BROKEN HEART DOESN’T?” You screamed at him. “I’ve been here staying LOYAL to you and waiting out the countless days to see you again. I waited so long for THIS? Then worst of all your sitting here caring about her when you haven’t even given your GIRLFRIEND a simple hi!? Fuck you Niall Horan.” You started to storm away. “Wait princess!” “Don’t call me that any more” You said, your back still to him. “YOU’RE BEING RIDICULOUS!” Niall shouted back at you. You turned around and looked at him like he was stupid. “I’M being ridiculous!? No, you haven’t seen ridiculous. THIS, is ridiculous.” You pulled your key out of your purse and dug your key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four wheel drive. “(Y/N)! NO!” He yelled as you made a giant gash from the head light to the tail light. You took off your heel and smashed it to the windshield, shattering it to pieces. Your plan back fired when a piece of the shattered glass flew out and cut your arm. You yelled out in pain as Niall came to help you. You backed away, not wanting to be near him. He looked at you in sympathy, dying inside because you wouldn’t let him help. You looked at him as more tears slipped out of your eyes, then ran away in the parking lot. You made it far enough away from him and collapsed next to a light pole. You clenched your hand over your bleeding arm, trying to stop the pain, as you sobbed into your jacket. You had your knees tucked up to your chest, rocking slowly back and forth. The parking lot was silent, until you heard footsteps coming your way. You looked up to see Niall standing in front of you. “Princess,” He said kneeling down next to you. “I told you not to call me that any more” you said shifting away from him. “Okay fine. (Y/N). Please forgive me. I really want to help you right now and you won’t let me.” He said almost at a whisper. “Help me? Why would you want to help me? You cheated on me. If you wanted to help me you would’ve stayed loyal to me. Not crushed my heart.” Your voice was so shaky it was almost incomprehensible. “Princess-” “(Y/N)” you corrected him. “Right, (Y/N) I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. Samantha was an ex girlfriend of mine. I’ve been on tour for so long and I was getting antsy. I was waiting in my car when she walked by me and started a conversation. Being the whore I am I couldn’t keep myself off of her. Im so so so sorry (Y/N) It was the biggest mistake of my life.” He said putting his hand on your shoulder. “But babe you have to let me help you now. I love you too much to see you hurt” He said watching your blood drip on the concrete. His eyes were red and puffy but he was holding in his tears. Letting your heart take over you through yourself into Niall’s arm. sobbing into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry princess, I’ll never hurt you ever again.” He protectively wrapped his arms around you. “I love you too Niall,” You whispered in his ear. “But babe, my arm hurts” You said as he helped you up. “Let’s get my babe to the hospital then” He picked you up bridal style, kissing your forehead and carrying you to his (highly damaged) car. 

8th imagine! Zayn, Liam, and Harry’s coming next! STAY TUNNED ;) 

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