#Preference You take him with you to Victoria’s Secret…

Louis: You knew it’d be anything but a normal trip to Victoria’s Secret since you decided to bring Louis with you. He really wanted to come for some reason, you just couldn’t say no to his puppy dog face. So here the two of you are walking in to the front of the store. “Louis, you promise you’ll behave while we’re in here? No bothering the other customers or staring at the models?” You said in a playful mother resembling tone. “Of course,but (Y/N), don’t expect me to stay calm if I see you trying any of these on,” He winked at you. You laughed at him and with that you began shopping around. You were surprised with Lou’s behavior. He walked around silently with you, smiling every time you looked at him. Kept his eyes away from every model and didn’t speak a word to a single person in the store. About another 5 minutes went by and you realized Louis was no longer by your side. You figured he just needed to walk around a bit so you went back to looking at the boy shorts, when you heard an angry woman yelling “blah blah blah DISRUPTION blah blah blah INAPPROPRIATE blah blah blah DISRESPECTFUL blah blah blah” followed by a slightly younger sounding man arguing back about how he was just trying to see what it felt like. You turned and saw every single costumer eavesdropping on the argument. You look around the corner to see the very upset manager yelling at none other than your boyfriend. Who was wearing cheetah print lingerie over his clothes. You walked over to break up the dispute. “LOU! what are you doing!?” you said in a loud whisper, now blushing a bit because all eyes were on you. “Hey babes!” he said in an oddly calm tone. “I was just trying on some things i wanted you to put on for me later” he said with a wink. You were tomato red now, you couldn’t believe he was saying this in front of every one. “But then little miss buzz kill came over to bust my balls!” “Excuse me sir this is my store and I will NOT tolerate so much disrespect and misbehavior!” the manager exclaimed furiously. They bantered back and forth a bit more before the manager kicked you both out of the store, making sure to charge you for what Louis tried on first. You sighed and gave Lou an annoyed look. “Im sorry babe! I couldn’t help myself! It was so tempting!” You looked up to Louis, still a bit upset. “I promise i’ll make it up to you” He said leaning in for a kiss. It wasn’t a very long one, but you felt his passion and sincerity. You pulled away and smiled lightly. “Your off to a good start” You said with a giggle. “Good,” he had his forehead pressed to yours, looking into your eyes. “Good enough for you to put this on when we get home?” He said lifting up the cheetah lingerie. You laughed at his cheekiness “Sure Lou” You smiled, pulling him to the car. 

Niall: You never minded bringing Niall with you when you shopped here. He wasn’t bothered much being surrounded by all the undergarments. The only down side to bringing him was listening to him complain about how hungry he was. Today was different though, he didn’t say a single thing about food. This didn’t seem right to you, “Niall babe, are you hungry?” “Why of course princess, I always am” He said matter-of-factly. “How come I haven’t heard a complaint yet?” You smirked at him. “Well that babe, is because of this little life saver” He held up a bag, filled with food. “Niall! I don’t think you should have food in this store.” You whispered in his ear. “Its fine (Y/N), it’s not like I brought a bomb in the place. A little food never hurt anyone” He smiled, telling you to trust him. “Okay babe, be careful though.” He kissed your cheek as he pulled out a meatball marinara sub, oh Niall. You two were walking around the lingerie,which made him excited. “Oh princess! I like that one!” He went to point to one, with the sub in hand. With the fling of his arms, a meatball covered in sauce fell out of the sandwich and splashed onto the table. The plop caused sauce to splatter onto about 7 sets of lingerie “OH SHIT” Niall cursed under his breath. “Niall!” You whisper-screamed in frustration. “You got sauce all over them!” “Im sorry babe I didn’t mean to I tried to be careful!” You just stared at the lingerie. Thinking about how much it would cost to buy the things you’ve ruined. Lingerie sure isn’t cheap! The set you bought last month was $198 alone! Now you have to buy seven of them. “It’s fine Niall, really babe it is, I’m just gonna spend a fortune now” You sighed, picking up the saucy undergarments “No princess you’re not. I’ll pay for them.” “Ni thats well over a thousand dollars!” He looked at you with a serious face “I know babe, but mistakes come wiith consequences, so I don’t mind.” You smiled and kissed your boyfriend’s cheek, then walked with him to the cashier. She gave you both some pretty weird looks, so you  explained to her what happened, paid, then left. “Well that was sure a waste of money” You said carrying the bag to the trash can. “NO!” Niall yelled, snatching the bag from you. You gave him a confused look. “We can’t just throw these away! So what they got sauce on them, I know how to remove stains! Eating as much as I do you get some on your shirt from time to time. Please don’t throw ‘em away baby I’ll clean them and then you can prance around sexy as ever” He smirked at you. *Sigh* “Okay Niall” You smiled and he spent the whole ride home talking about which one he’d have you put on first

Zayn: You and Zayn liked going to Victoria’s Secret together. He loved that you were comfortable enough with him to bring him here, and you loved how he was there to help. You both were in different sections of the store. Trying to get shopping done faster, when one of Zayn’s friends walked in. “Yo! Hey Zayn!” his friend said walking over to him. “Hey man!” Zayn said excited “What are you doing here?” “Oh my little sister made me bring her. Eh I hate this store. Its so feminine. Glad I found you! I can’t stand being in here alone!” “Haha calm down dude it’s just a store” Zayn laughed at him. “Whatever man. So anyway how have you be-” Zayn’s friend stopped talking, jaw dropped and eyes bulged. “Whats wrong?” Zayn half heartedly asked. “Oh nothin’ man, I just see a REALLY hot girl, ima go talk to her” “Good luck bro” Zayn encouraged his friend as he walked away. Zayn didn’t even bother to look at the girl his friend was chasing. He should’ve. That girl was you. You turned around to the sound of some ones voice that seemed directed at you/ “Hey baby” When you turned you saw a teen, about your age, smiling down at you. “Uh, hi” you said, disturbed by his approach. “Wow I can’t believe you’re shopping here” he said in a tone that ticked you off, you took that as an insult. “And why is that?” you asked a bit angered. “Well you look like one of the model’s here, don’t they give you stuff for free?” You now blushed, feeling stupid for thinking he was going to insult you. But you didn’t want to respond. You had a boyfriend. “Uhm I’m sorry I have a boyfriend and I don’t think that was very appropriate” He gave you a look that made it clear he didn’t care. “And? I don’t see him” He said putting his hands on your hips. “Stop!” You said a little loudly, Zayn heard you. You tried to push him off but he had a tight grip on you. He suddenly flung off your body. You look up and saw a very upset boyfriend. “DUDE. WTF!?” He yelled in fury. “Zayn!” You quickly hugged him. Zayn’s friend looked really confused, until he put the pieces together. “OH GOD MAN! Im so sorry man I didn’t know she was you girlfriend bro!” You still gave him a disgusted look. “Whatever, you can leave now” Zayn rudely dismissed his former friend, he walked away awkwardly. “Im so so sorry babe!” Zayn pulled you in for a tighter hug. “Its fine Zayn, can we just hurry up and shop? I’m ready to go home.” “Okay (Y/N), oh and by the way, would you mind trying this on for me when we get home? I couldn’t help myself from imagining how amazing you’d look in this” He winked at you, showing you the red lacy lingerie. “Anything for you baby” You kissed him softly and continued shopping.

Liam: You absolutely LOVE bringing Liam here with you. He always acted like a shy little child around the feminine things. It was majorly cute and made you laugh. Today you really wanted to push him over the edge. So you devised a plan. You walked around the store holding Liam’s hand, as he kept his eyes glued to the ground, picking up the sexiest lingerie you saw. You dragged him into the dressing room, his eyes still glued to the ground, and sat him down in one of the chairs. He was curious about his new surroundings so he looked up. “(Y/N)?!” He called out. “Yeah babe?” You replied, he tried to follow the sound of your voice. “Where’d you go?” “I”ll be out in a second!” You saw his feet under your door. You swung the door open sweetly saying “Sorry to keep you waiting Li, you like it?” His eyes traveled up and down your body, he looked like he’d been stunned. “Liam? You okay?” You said pulling him farther into the dressing room stall. “Uhh… i… uh it’s very… very uh.. fitting…. i uh.. yeah…” You pulled him in closer, leaving no space between your bodies. “Im sorry Liam, is this too much for you?” You slowly stroked your hand down his chest, you could feel him shaking and his cheeks were bright red. You couldn’t contain your laughter anymore so you proceed to die on the dressing room floor. “OMG. Li- Liam I’m so sor-sorry baby!” You  spoke between laughs. “Hey (Y/N) stop laughing at me! Your not being fair! You can’t just walk out and surprise me with that gorgeous body all sexified! It makes me all weak in the knees!” He was blushing even harder now. He helped you up and you were still laughing quietly at him. “Im sorry Liam, would you like me to put my clothes back on?” “No not really” He replied cheekily, now you were blushing. “But I do want to see you try on some more for me at home” He said in a super sexy tone you didn’t know he had. He could tell you liked it so he laughed at you, and left you to get dressed.

Harry: You and Harry had fun in Victoria’s secret. You guys had like a tradition there. You’d both walk around and find the most attractive things for you to try on, then you’d try each one on in the dressing room, and Harry would give his opinion through different reactions. He always changes it up because he loves seeing you smile, blush and laugh. When you walked into the dressing room, you noticed three girls gawking at Harry. The blonde, brunette, and ginger being seduced with out him even trying. You were used to girls acting like this around him so you paid them no attention. You went in the dressing room stall and tried on the first one. When you walked out you asked Harry what he thought. He replied with “OMG GIRL LOOK ATCHU. GIIIIIRRRRL YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS. MMM GIRL YEAH THIS DEF BRINGS OUT YOUR CURVES GIRL YOU HAVE TO GET IT.” You were dying over his gay-fashion-designer accent. “You sure you like it Harry?” You smiled at him “OH YES GURL. Now let’s see the rest of ‘em babe” He returned back to his deep and slow voice, slapping your bum as you turned to try the next one on. You were in the middle of changing when you heard Harry’s voice again “Uhm… excuse me…. I have a girlfriend… ” You got suspicious at hearing this so you peeked over the top of the stall door. Those three girls were draped all over him, wearing lingerie as well. “Oh that ugly thing you walked in with?” The blonde girl spat out. The brunette spoke up “Yeah baby you don’t need to waste your time with fat pieces of trash” You back up into the stall, ready to cry. When you heard Harry speak, sounding offended “You don’t just say fucked up things about people like that” He obviously wasn’t very fond of the girls. “C’mon babes,” The ginger started. “You could do so much better than that whore.” This put you over the edge. You through on some clothes and stepped out of the stall. The three girls gave you a doubtful look. “Oh hi, I’m his girlfriend. You know, the ugly fat piece of trash you were talking about a few seconds ago.” You had a bitch tone set in your voice. “Congratulations, you just proved my point” The blonde said eyeing you up and down. “Oh, well you see here’s the thing about that..” You punched her in the face. Smirking as she fell to the floor. “HEY BITCH!” The brunette yelled at you. “Yes, can I help you?” “You don’t just punch people in the face like that?!” The ginger jumped in “Yeah what the fuck is wrong with you?!” “Oh nothings wrong with me, and I do whatever the hell I want.” You kicked the ginger in the shin. She swung on you but you grabbed the brunette by her hair and yanked her face into the punch. “Wow, two down, that was easy..” The ginger remained, she was feisty, but small. A punch in the face finished her off as well. You grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him out of the store, leaving the three half naked girls on the floor. When you got outside you noticed Harry looked like he just saw a ghost. “Harry?? What’s the matter?” You asked feeling dumb-founded. “(Y/N)! Did you see what you just did in there?! Holy fuck!” You began to grow embarrassed, feeling like you disappointed your boyfriend. “Im sorry Harry, I just-” “Sorry!?” He cut you off. “Are you kidding me?! Your angry side is fucking SEXY!” This made you blush a little bit. He was looking at you biting his lip, very turned on. He put his hands on your waist and whispered in your ear “We’re going home. Now. I don’t think I can keep myself off of you much longer.”


Hope you all liked it! I tried to make it different than other Victoria’s Secret Preferences.. only my fourth imagine, don’t judge please! xx

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